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Suntem un grup de firme ce ofera consultanta in infiintarea, implementarea si utilizarea firmelor offshore. Oferim o gama larga de solutii si servicii in sprijinirea clientilor privind nevoile lor la nivel corporativ, bancar si investitional, precum – companii si structure offshore, conturi bancare offshore, solutii e-commerce, etc. care va permit sa va organizati afacerile si situatia financiara personala intr-un mod mult mai profitabil.. Compania noastra are o experienta vasta cu peste 2000 de firme inregistrate in peste 50 de jurisdictii, incluzand structuri complexe pentru companii internationale si multinationale.

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Scopul Companiei
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Dema Partners Livreaza Intotdeauna Proiectele

Experienta Noastra

Peste 2.000 De Firme Offshore Infiintate 90%
Peste 3.000 De Conturi Bancare Offshore Deschise 95%
In peste 50 de Paradisuri Fiscale 80%
Peste 200 De Parteneri Din Intreaga Lume 85%

Clientii Nostri Multumiti

Fabio C.
Fabio C.CEO
“Dema Partners have helped us structure and expand our business in a tax efficient way, from Italy to all over Europe, Asia and United States. We are happy that we can manage all compliance and legal issues for all our companies with just one contact , instead of working with dousins of lawyers, accountants and other providers in each country”

“Our online buinsess is global, having partners and clients all over the world. Dema Partners have helped us increase our revenue through tax efficient structures, which also helped us reach clients from other foreign markets. Our profit increased with over 50% after 1 year of implementing Dema’s solutions”

“We are providing several niche television channels via satelite and cable . Until we met Dema Partners we had to get a TV license in each country we were broadcasting. Dema helped us incorporate a holding company and get a broadcasting license which is valid in al European Union, including for our niche adult channels”

Partenerii Nostri

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